Annual Meet (2021) is going to be held during December 2021.


"Communities living in harmony and dignity"


The organization strives to assist disadvantaged communities in improving their life conditions, and to carry out capacity building interventions in the socioeconomic and health sectors.


The organization undertakes development activities that are community-centered, user-planned and managed, people owned, gender-sensitive, culturally respectful and client-centered.

About us

Welcome to ASHA

About us

Association for Social and Health Advancement (ASHA) is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization which has been working to improve the socio-economic and health status of disadvantaged communities since it's inception in 1998.

The Team: The organization is endowed with a rich and diverse human resource pool with decades of development experience. A small core staff team, several part-timers and community volunteers merge together to help people catalyze need-based, locale-specific professionally managed programmes.

Advisory Boards: Renowned and eminent professionals and experts from various disciplines such as Sociology, Anthropology, Education, Economics, Agriculture, Health, Environment, Gender etc. constitute the sectoral Advisory Boards.

Development Projects

The organization undertakes longer term development in rural and urban areas. The projects are aimed at disadvantaged communities such as children and women in remote rural areas especial in tribal and minority dominated environs such as Murshidabad and Bankura districts of West Bengal and over-populated poor urban slums of Kolkata and suburbs where needs exist.

Consultancies & Support Services

ASHA also acts as a support agency for other organizations and institutions and collaborates with both government and Non governmental agencies, Support services and consultancies mainly centre around faciliating training pragrammes,action research, hand holding technical assistance and evaluation exercise.


ASHA recognizes the need for collaboration between the three sectors of Government, Corporate, and Civil Society to face the challenges of poverty and development and bring about more rapid and more sustainable development of society.

Internship & Volunteers

International students and volunteers from different countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland etc. have undergone placements in ASHA in the past years. Students from various Indian states such as Gujarat, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Mizoram as well as West Bengal undergo placements or undertake various assignments. Many of them value their experience to such an extent that they have returned or continued their relationship with ASHA.